the migration of art

Where did the The Met's collection of Van Gogh paintings travel before arriving in the museum's galleries?

Behind every prominent piece of art is a rich history of movement. Paintings are given to family members, sought after by avid collectors, bought and sold in the marketplace, and sent on exhibition tours around the world. A painting's timeline of ownership and exhibition showings across time and space tells a compelling story about the life and culture of that individual piece, while offering useful anecdotes on the broader market of fine art. The Migration of Art helps us explore the provenance and exhibition history of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection of Van Gogh paintings, uncovering stories about each piece's past, present, and potentially future. Click a painting to follow its path around the globe before it eventually lands in the Met's collection. Once this path is completed, hover over each event in the piece's timeline to see that leg again in illuminating detail.


vincent van gogh

Legend: ownership change went on exhibition

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